Delphi Developer (2006-2011)

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  • Development of a New Point of Sale system
  • Maintained legacy Delphi software to support the existing client base
  • Developing new Delphi software to support customisable touch screen displays
  • Publish and Subscribe notification network
  • Credit card processing (TYRO)
  • Low level (TCP/IP, RS232) Communications to registers/POS
  • Nexus Database 

Major Projects

POSWorx Back office Stock management, POS register communications Delphi 7, Serial and TCP
POSWorxPOS Touch or Keyboard Point of sale system, for Small retail locations, or Multilane supermarkets Delphi 7, TCP
Metcash Interface Receiving Sock updates from the metcash system in to the POSWorx System Delphi 7
VTouch Interface Linking VTouch terminals via TCP and RS485 to the POSWorx System Delphi 7, Serial and TCP

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