“Fine Art Bourse to be the new global auction house”

My work with Fine Art Bourse was mainly focused within the following areas

  1. New Components and Modifications to Joomla to suit the live auction room format
  2. Modifications to CRMery to support required features e.g. Consignments
  3. A fast/responsive and scalable ’emulation’ of a typical art auction
    • That is run in an automated fashion or under the complete control of an auction caller.
    • Will recover gracefully from any issues arising
    • Continue to work in difficult locations and countries, e.g. China
  4. Integration between all the systems.

The main contact was situated in London for the majority of the project. Work was carried out in a batch format.
Early in the morning, or after hours, I would email (or Skype if it was needed) with the client the current progress and plans for the next day.  So they were never more than 24 hours out of sync with the job progress.

For any areas of the site visible to the general public,  the styling was to be liaised with a Graphics Design house based in Sydney.

During the discovery progress, I put forth and it was later agreed that the Auction room should be  written using the Node.js framework, coupled with web sockets. Allowing very short response times from the server during the heat of an auction.


Auction Room

There are no ‘real’ screen shots of the Auction room runing, as it was a console program on a headless server. But this is an image of the front end.


Simple catalogue setup


Added Consignments to CRMery